Pyplan bundles a full list of features specifically designed to empower corporate analysts conduct its Data Analytics and Planning activities.

Visual Influence Diagram

Visualize your business logic through influence diagrams that depict variables relationship. Hierarchically navigate business logic to understand calculations up to minimal detail.

Assisted Programming

A full set of wizards will help you create your first analysis writing no code. Pyplan code for you and exposes the code step by step. Letting you not only understand the underlying logic but also allowing to twist the code pushing your analysis capabilities to the next level.

App Creation and Sharing

Pyplan integrates an app user interface (UI) design tool that lets you graphically create the screens of your app. Design your layout and populate it with blocks of tables, graphs, maps, or user control widgets to empower analysis.

Share your apps within your organization or with the general public with a single click

Connect all your data

Integrate your data seamlessly to spreadsheets, databases, and other data sources with standard APIs.

Data Connection

Scenario Manager

Enable your team to explore, save, and compare alternative strategies and possible futures with a powerful scenario manager.

Role-based Security

Control access for individuals and groups. Restrict access to confidential information while enabling collaboration.

Knowledge Base

Describe your business processes with visual and text documentation to create an interactive Business Knowledge Base.

Empower Collaboration

Stop silos planning behavior. Stimulate your organization to take an integrated perspective of your business and discover your main business drivers.

Manage workflow

Get your team on the same page by defining and managing their tasks and business processes in an integrated environment.

Task Automation

Schedule tasks to run ETL and batch jobs automatically, daily, weekly or whenever you wish.

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