Energías de Portugal (EDP)

Electricity / Brazil


EDP Brazil generates, distributes, and supplies electricity in the major states of Brazil. The firm is controlled by EDP – Energías de Portugal, one of the largest European operators in the electricity and gas sectors. EDP in Brazil went public on the Stock Exchange of Sao Paulo in July 2005, adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance. Since 2009, EDP Brazil has centralized the budgeting and financial control function of business planning.

The challenges of implementing centralized planning included providing timely responses to the dynamism of the business units, accommodating more complex simulations, establishing better operational control, and allow for more agility in communications during the budgeting process. EDP Brazil initiated a process to find the best tool for developing and implementing an Integrated Planning Model.

After extensively analyzing alternatives Pyplan was chosen because its capacity to deal with huge models, programming flexibility, scenario management, user collaborative ambient and ability to be integrated with existing company software architecture.

The benefits of Pyplan implementation were not limited to financial planning and control re-design but also resulted in increased knowledge through the collaboration of different business units involved in the development of the Integrated Planning Model.

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